A 42-year old man from Kwekwe was left counting financial losses after his newly married wife escaped with money totaling to US$2 000 that was stashed in their matrimonial house last week, Zwnews exclusively reveals.

The man, Peter Nhamo, told this publication that part of the stolen money was supposed to pay lobola to his now estranged wife, Esnath (27), who has since vanished into thin air with the money.

Speaking to this publication, Nhamo said he suspects that his wife could have eloped to another man with his money. He suspects that Esnath could be staying with another man from the Chendambuya area near Rusape.

“What actually happened is that I recently married Esnath and we were staying together at my rented house in Mbizo. It has been three weeks while we were staying together and I started seeing messages where she was communicating with other men. We started having arguments until I was advised to visit her relatives who are staying in Zvishavane to sort out our differences. We both agreed that we were going to leave for Zvishavane together,” Nhamo told this publication.

Added Nhamo:

“Whilst I was away from home, I received a call from one of the children who stays at our residence telling me that Esnath had just left our residence in a huff and I had to rush home. When I got home, the first thing that I checked was the money and it was nowhere to be seen. I then started calling her on the phone and she lied that she was on her way to Zvishavane. I tried to get in touch with her relatives in Zvishavane and they all told me that she had not come, and when I tried her number, she was no longer reachable. I appeal to all Zimbabweans to hand her over to the police when they see her. What pains me the most is the fact that I had sold one of my plots to get the US$2 000 which she stole from my house. She left all her clothes and vanished with the money, part of which I wanted to use to pay lobola to her parents”.

Nhamo said he suspects that Esnath is still in Zimbabwe and staying with her Rusape man, suspected to be in his 60s.

He said he was not going to rest until he recovered the money which Esnath stole.