The two-week Covid19 lockdown imposed by Zimbabwe authorities on the city of Kwekwe is just but a formal church barricade and nothing has changed as business in the Midlands town has been going on as ussual with drinking joints bloated with imbibers, a former cabinet minister has said.

“The lockdown is nothing but a formal church barricade. Market places are full and bustling with life. Zupco busses continue to ferry congested passengers and drinking vicinities are lively,” ex-Health minister Dr Henry Madzorera told provincial publication, Midlands Observer.

“This is a public relations stunt (and) the nature of the lockdown is not helpful at all if market places are open. What have they lcoked down? It is only the churches that have been locked down. Are churches the super spreaders of Covid19? People in church are well behaved unlike people in a bar who sputum all over, talking on top of their voices. It is only churches that are on lockdown- everywhere else, its businesd as usual,” Madzorera said.

The dramatic lockdown that was announced by deputy president Constantino Chiwenga who doubles as the Health and Child Care Minister is set to come to an end this Friday.

However, the lockdown has been mirred in controversy as business has been going on as usual in the town.

Recently, chairperson of the local taskforce committee and Kwekwe District Development Coordinator Fortune Mupungu was quoted as saying that his tram has been working on ensuring maximum compliance with the measures.

“We are fighting an invisible enemy and this is a war that we would all love to fight in. Victory is certain as long as there is that usual teamwork and collaboration. Challenges are there but I am sure we are overcoming most of them”, said Mupungu.

midlands observer/Zwnews