Mnangagwa is a war deserter who cannot win an election because of Gukurahundi

Emmerson Mnangagwa is a Zambian murderer who does not fit to be a President, Former Zimbabwe Vice President Joice has said.

Mujuru who recently toured United Kingdom revealed to reporters that there is a lot about Mnangagwa that makes him unsuitable for any leadership position in Zimbabwe.

“I’m sure his problem is male ego. But he wants to bring in what he was in the 1960s, which never had an impact, because he was arrested before he could do anything and jailed by Ian Smith,” Mujuru said.

 “And his parents came and demanded he was underage and he was Zambian,” said Joice Mujuru.

Mujuru also revealed that Mnangagwa was a coward who deserted war and could not lead the country.

“He went to Zambia, he went into hiding and carried on with his education. Some of our commanders approached him when he was at the University of Zambia … and he refused,” she said.

“But he is unelectable simply because during Gukurahundi, he was the right-hand man of Mugabe in this Fifth Brigade,” Mujuru added.

An estimated 20 000 civilians were killed during Gukurahundi after the Zanu PF government deployed the Fifth Brigade in rural Matabeleland and Midlands to hunt down suspected PF-Zapu dissidents.

Mnangagwa, then State Security minister, was allegedly deeply involved in plotting the massacres.

The Zimbabwe Vice President who wants threatened to sue Gukurahundi accusers is yet to respond to these allegations.