MDC-T MP cries in Parliament after ZRP officers touches her breasts

There was chaos in Zimbabwe Parliament yesterday when a Harare based policeman went too far while restraining opposition MDC Members of Parliamnet during a scuffle.

According to state media and eye witnesses present, MDC MP Mrs Susan Matsunga alleged that some police officers had inappropriateltely touched her.

While in tears she told the house that a male ZRP police officer touched her breasts.

“I’m not a prostitute but some police officer fondled me,” said Mrs Matsunga, amid sobbing, drawing the attention of legislators.

Bulawayo Metropolitan MDC MP Ms Lwazi Sibanda had her skirt torn by another male policeman during the same scuffle.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Parliament has been tasked to review video evidence to establish what transpired and take corrective action against rogue police officers.

The incident happened in full view of VP Emmerson Mnangagwa who did not say a word during and after the chaos.