Zim Bond Notes Ready in 4  Days Time, Monday Next Week

The hated token money known as Bond Notes will be ready to role out in four days time, next week on Monday, 31 October, zwnews.com can reveal.

Speaking to different stake holders in Harare this  morning, Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank Governor Mr John Mangudya warned the public that time has come to accept the painful reality.

A new worthless money is about to replace US dollars as the country struggles to deal with the ever worsening financial situation.

While making his presentation Mangudya announced the new reality;

“On 31 October the new money(Bond Notes) will be ready and public awareness will start, ” he said.

Magudya gave a 20 minute presentation this morning at Harare International Conference Centre.

The meeting was attended by Zimbabwe captains of industry based in Harare

The new money will be introduced under the Reserve Bank Act and the Foreign Exchange Act.

A number of businesses and individuals who spoke to Zimnewsnet in Harare at the RBZ awareness meeting today expressed concern that their lives and businesses could be ruined as they really ‘do not know’ how things will be under the new currency.

Meanwhile a Reserve Bank official who spoke to our reporters on condition of anonymity, as he is not supposed to speak to journalists, revealed that the new currency was supposed to have been introduced two months ago but could not be rolled out as they were advised by the president’s office that the move was likely to fuel widespread civil unrest.