Khaya Mthethwa is heartbroken over the news of the mass retrenchment at the SABC. Seeing so many employees lose their jobs has made his heart feel extremely heavy.

The SABC has been going through financial troubles for some time now and Covid-19 has been the final knock. Khaya understands what the industry is going through and is now seeing the horrible effects starting to take place.

Taking to social media to share his heartache, Khaya extended his apologies and sympathies to all those who have lost their jobs at the SABC. Khaya, like many others, is in disbelief that so many people had to be let go.

“My heart goes out to the 621 people that lost their jobs at SABC. Tomorrow is their last day.”

Fellow South Africans took to the comment section to share their feelings around the matter. It is extremely sad to see so many people lose their livelihoods when Mzansi already has so many unemployed citizens.

“Kunzima Khaya. I hope they find something to generate income.”

“Sad neh khaya. I remember myself was retrenched twice in my working life and I believe God will never leave these @SABCPortal employees nor will He leave them…”

“Media industry has been hit the hardest thina who just graduated in Media and Journalism stand no chance.” recently reported on the matter, stating that, 621 People employed by SABC will be retrenched by the end of March. The SABC began issuing redundancy notices to employees in June 2020, stirring resistance among union members who fought the process in court and threatened to strike.

The lowering of employee costs is crucial to the SABC’s turnaround plan and overall sustainability. The retrenchment process began with the issuing of the notices in June, 2020 and will conclude on 31 March, 2021.

The SABC stated that 346 employees out of the total had chosen to take the voluntary severance packages while the remaining 275 jobs had become redundant.