l“I’m up trying to figure out why do I continue to do this to myself?”

It seems like the ‘bevs’ just don’t agree with songstress Kelly Khumalo any more.

Despite being an owner of an alcohol brand, it seems songstress Kelly Khumalo is contemplating quitting booze altogether, as in a recent tweet she let her fans know that her relationship with alcohol is strained at best.

Kelly took to her Twitter TL, to share her thoughts on how it was no longer fun for her to drink alcohol because it seems that her body is rejecting the substance. She wondered out loud why she continued to drink even though it feels like torture these days.

“I think my relationship with alcohol is doomed, my body is literally rejecting it. Why do I still drink? I’m up trying to figure out why do I continue to do this to myself? Honestly, this can’t be my life …” Kelly tweeted.

Many of Kelly’s fans seemed to agree that it was her age or growing older in general that made her suffer after drinking.

They advised her that her body has determined that alcohol is not good for it and she should let her body lead her towards totally quitting.

However, there were those who felt that as an alcohol brand owner herself, sis couldn’t leave them to drink her alcohol by themselves. So they advised her to take a mini-break and then come back to the life of bevs!

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