CONTROVERSIAL South African TV presenter Katlego Moswane Maboe was arrested for being in contempt of court. The man who was accused of cheating on his wife with Nikita Murray and giving her STI however said he did not do anything to warrant the latest brush with authorities.

The TV personality was allegedly arrested for being in contempt of court on the 2nd of January and a police officer confirmed the SABC3 presenter’s arrest.

Maboe’s arrest is linked to his ongoing feud with former partner Monique Muller after she reportedly opened a case against her for violating a protection order granted against him in 2020.

The TV star’s lawyer told reporters that there was no case to answer because the charges against his client are “baseless and the prosecution decided that there is no merits in the charges.”

Maboe has made efforts to clear his name on a number of issues raised on social media following his fallout with his wife:

 “In light of the comments made against me, I would like to state that I have never abused my partner. I have always and will always stand up against the abuse of women and children – in fact, the abuse of anyone for that matter. The allegations about the STD are unproven.“

Former Outsurance employee Nikita Murray and her husband have since distanced themselves from the “wild and malicious” allegations.

In a statement sent to IOL Entertainment by her lawyer on behalf Murray and her husband Matthew Murray, they branded the whole story as “wild allegations“ and that the video was ”malicious”.

Furthermore, stating that the couple were confused by the allegations against her and her family.

“Our clients are very perturbed about the wild allegations flying around in the media, involving Mrs Murray and her family.”

In addition to this, the statement says that Murray had to go for an STD screening to confirm and can confirm that she doesn’t have a sexually transmitted disease. Also, stating that the insinuation made by Maboe that Murray gave him an STD was “irresponsible and impossible”.

But there is also another alleged Maboe sex scandal in the air following allegations that he had sex with a competition winner for a brand he was working for at the time.

Phil Mphela wrote on twitter:

“Katlego Maboe’s alleged sex dalliance with competition winner could end his career. New revelations in You Mag allege— Maboe, as Lay’s Chips ambassador at the time, had sex in a hotel in Kiev with a woman who won competition hosted by the brand.

While the cheating & STD revelations were a private matter and Maboe could have survived it, latest revelations alleging he used his position for sex may be harder to overcome. The sex was reportedly consensual but this will hurt his chances of ever working with brands”

Maboe reportedly  had an affair with Lorna Maseko years ago when she was still married.