Monday, 8 February 2021
By Laiton Kandawire Patsaka-Nyaminyami Community Radio
Kariba-based self-acclaimed Human Rights Defender (HRD) and resident issues champion, Samu Mawawo, today delivers a special condolence message to a Kariba family that lost their daughter to a crocodile attack. Mawawo was delegated by the First Lady herself soon after she got news of the untimely death of the 4-year old girl.
“I am very sorry to hear about the loss of life and being children (involved). Pass on my condolences to the parents, relatives and the Kariba community at large, so sorry, we are together in spirit despite the miles apart”, wrote the First Lady.
Earlier today, Samu Mawawo confirmed that he will deliver the message to the Batonga family desolated by the loss of their beloved child.
Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) expressed regret over the death. Tinashe Farawo, the Authority’s National Spokesperson, writing on his micro-blogging site, Twitter, called the death “unfortunate”.
The killer reptile was hunted and put to death by community members before ZimParks officials arrived.
Trish becomes the third person to be killed by crocodiles in Kariba in the first two months of 2021. Edison Matekenya Msampakaruma was killed in January whilst fishing at Lomagundi Lakeside Association (LLA). Barely a fortnight later, a Charara harbourmaster at the Wild Heritage site, Jonathan Tose, was attacked and instantly killed by a crocodile.
The community is concerned with the frequency of the fatal attacks.
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