Kariba Hydro Power Station is today feeding 429 Mega Watts (MW) into the national grid from around 200 MW every day.

Apparently, current generation capacity in the country is as follows:

Munyati 17MW
Bulawayo 0MW
Harare 0MW
Kariba 401MW
Hwange 429MW
Last Updated: 20 December 2022.

Meanwhile, the country is facing a serious power generation crisis which has seen Zimbabweans contending with longer blackouts everyday.

This has been attributed to low water levels at Kariba Dam amid obsolete power generation equipment.

The government has been under fire from citizens over electricity shortages.

In 2014, ZPC embarked on a project to extend the existing plant by addition of two more units with a total generation capacity of 300MW.

The project was successfully completed and commissioned in March 2018, thereby making Kariba South Power Station the biggest power generation plant in Zimbabwe with a total generation capacity of 1050MW.

Zimbabwe has for years been relying on power imports from South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique. These countries are no longer able to supply as they used to owing to a number of factors.

Apparently, the picture below for yesterday’s generation.