Picture credit H-metro: ZIMBABWE MUSICIAN and street actor Freddy “Kapfupi” Manjalima says the Covid-19 pandemic has affected him as his career is not going as he had hoped and he denies rumours that  his wife – Precious “Mai Ngaa” Kabrito was snatched by a wealthy Harare man.

This follows reports circulating on social media including WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter that Kapfupi was robbed of his dear wife by a prominent businessman who has been offering them financial assistance.

Kapfupi says he is currently spending his time home with family as he is unable to do shows or dramas due to government regulations aimed at reducing the spread of Covid-19.

“The rumors that Mai Ngaa was snatched by a wealthy man who allegedly wanted to help with road shows have been spreading around town and many people have heard about it. It is alleged that Mai Ngaa and I divorced because of my inability to provide for my family.

“The fact is, my wife is with me, and she is not going anywhere. These people are lying, ”said Kapfupi.

He continues: “If Mai Ngaa had left me for the so called rich man I would have said I was dumbed. How many women and men are being abandoned by their partners in Zimbabwe and around the world? ”

Kapfupi said things are not going on well for singers and dramatists.

“Wherever we used go to play guitars and drums there is nothing going on as we are not allowed to gather people. We are going through a trying time but my wife Mai Ngaa is there, we are suffering together. ”

Kapfupi says he is facing a shortage of instruments as his current equipment is out of date.

Meanwhile, Mai Ngaa said the seperation rumours are intended to tarnish her and Kapfupi’s reputation.

“Hongu zvinhu zvakaoma, tiri munguva yekurwisa Covid-19. Sevaimbi nemamwe maartists, zvinhu hazvisi kufamba sezvazviri kungoita kurumwe ruzhinji rwevanhu. Izvo zvekuti ndakatorwa neimwe shoroma mashoko atinongonzwa, ini nemurume wangu Freddy tiri kudanana moto. 

(“Yes things are difficult, we are in the process of fighting the pandemic in the same way other artists are also struggling. There is a rumor that I was taken by a wealthy many but it does not add up as I am still in love with my husband Feddy.”)