Libhelani Ndlovu and Tichaona Urayayi (both age unknown) lost their lives over the weekend as the longstanding machete wars continue to wreck havoc in the gold-mining City of Kadoma and surrounding areas.

This particular war is between two terror groups commonly referred to as MaGokwe and MaNdebele, both of which seeks to control the Venice mining area using violence and the subsequent fear as their method of choice.

On Friday evening, Libhelani and Wisdom Ncube of the maNdebeles were spotted by the maGokwes at Venice shopping centre. The maGokwes mobilised their gang which was led by Mutsvanga brothers Brighton and Gift.

Also part of the group were well-known terror mongers only identified as Lucky and Danita. The gang charged towards the two, who took to their heels accusing them of killing one Law Dombo last year.

The gang caught up with Libhelani and attacked him using machetes, knobkerries and other traditional weapons. His badly mutilated body was only discovered by a security guard who watched the assault from his workplace the following morning.

This triggered reprisal attacks from the maNdebele who went on an assaulting rampage targeting the maGokwes.

The attacks saw them kill Tichaona Urayayi while seriously injuring Brighton Mutsvanga and Prosper Garapasi. Scores of people also got away with minor injuries.

The seriously injured are admitted at Kadoma General Hospital.