Director of Media Services, in the Ministry of Information, Dr Anyway Mutambudzi has implored journalists to act professionally and stop behaving like political activists, adding that journalists must stay in their lane.

Speaking during a 3 day workshop for media personnel, being hosted by the ministry, meant to unpack the successes of the TSP and give insights into the recently launched National Development Strategy 1, Dr Matambudzi said the government respects journalist, but they should meddle in politics.

“We respect journalists. In the Constitution, they have their rights, but they should not act like political activists.

“If you meddle in politics and get arrested then you draw out your media commission card, and now want to become a journalist you won’t get assistance,” he says.

Meanwhile, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa said under her tenure, she would want to see a united media in the country.

“Under my tenure, as Information Minister, I want to create an all Zimbabwean media, with no divisions . We want a Zimbabwean press, a responsible press.”

“Zimbabwe is a normal economy again, there is price parity, no fuel queues and power cuts are now a thing of the past, however the media is doing little to communicate these glaring successes by the 2nd Republic,”- Minister Mutsvangwa.

Speaking about the TSP, she said among the major TSP victories is the Global Land Compensation Agreement, which put to rest the debate around land, adding that it was achieved through the 2nd Republic`s commitment to implementing its set targets.