The now rejuvenated opposition Zapu, under the leadership of celebrated late Vice President Joshua Nkomo’s son, Sibangalizwe, has hit out at Zimbabwe leader Emmerson Mnangagwa for introducing draconian Covid-19 measures, saying the new regulations will hurt Zimbabweans returning home from the diaspora for the festive holidays.
“While the measures are not helpful in promoting economic activities for millions of people who are largely informal traders, the worst victims of these measures will be returning citizens who were planning to visit home during the festive season. By the stroke of a pen, the President stole away any hope for those in the diaspora coming home for Christmas, ” said Zapu in a statement released yesterday.
See statement below:
Mnangagwa’s Cabinet yesterday decided that returning citizens and visitors would have to be put in isolation regardless of their Covid-19 test results, apparently punishing them for the alarmist reaction to the Omicron variant by some countries and their leaders.