Self-exiled former Zanu PF minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has defiantly stood by his stance that President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be ousted by a coup this month, and took a scathing attack on critics who dismiss his insinuations as mere ‘prophecy’.
Responding to an internet user who had tweeted that, ‘February was prophesied’ by him, the former Higher and Tertiary Education minister retorted:
“Don’t bastardise political analysis. There’s no prophecy in political science!”
Previously considered the spin-doctor of Zanu PF politics, Moyo recently asserted that, this time around a coup will not occur in November but this February. The late long-ruling Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe was dramatically ousted by a military coup that propelled Mnangagwa to the presidency in November 2017.

File: Moyo and President Mnangagwa

Following Mugabe’s ouster, Moyo and a host of other Zanu PF heavyweights aligned to the extinguished G40 cabal purportedly fronted by Mugabe’s wife Grace, fled the country. Moyo has been vaguely saying that Zimbabwe will be plunged into something unthinkable this month.
“For keen students of Zimbabwean history, this February is threatening to replace November as the month of momentous events! Varakashi and their boss need running shoes. Their time to run run run run is coming; soon and very soon!The ideology of varakashi is Mnangagwa; and their policies are Mnangagwa, whose only objective is that 2030 anenge achipo. The varakashi phenomenon is just a whole lot of bull expletive”, said Moyo in comments posted on his Twitter handle.