Former Zimbabwe government minister and Thsolotsho Member of Parliament Jonathan Moyo has urged foreign powers to impose sanctions against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu-PF regime.

Professor Moyo said the sanctions are necessary in the work of the killing of six people as violence rocked Harare after the announcement of the July 30 election results.

He also highlighted that the current top brass of Zanu PF has been committing despicable atrocities since 1980.

Writing on his blog on Thursday, Jonathan Moyo said:

” @MinisterSBMoyo is lying that lives were lost on 1 Aug “AFTER MDC-Alliance supporters turned violent”. Lives were lost AFTER govt sent soldiers with LIVE AMMUNITION to kill civilians.
2. A govt that deploys soldiers to kill civilians DESERVES SANCTIONS.”

“Soldiers like @MinisterSBMoyo & politicians like @edmnangagwa have participated in atrocities since 1980 in Zimbabwe & other countries such as #DRC with impunity; always blaming the victims; lying through their teeth & getting away with it. Their latest atrocity was on 1 August!”

Zimbabwe’s top military brass including Constantino Chiwenga and Sibusiso Moyo were exposed in a 2016 Ken Yamamoto report for arming rebels with Zimbabwean guns which were then used to kill civilians and Zimbabwean military personnel in eastern DR Congo.

“Way before Marange, Mugabe and his military men had already started rampant racketeering, illegal mafia-style smuggling, double-crossing, double-dealing, as well as illegal arms peddling with Congolese rebels. In fact, Mugabe double-crossed Kabila by selling arms to the rebels in exchange for diamonds used to enrich, not Zimbabwe, but Mugabe and his security men, ” said Yamamoto.

Yamamoto named Emerson Mnangagwa(then Justice Minister) as the key strategist on this move who at that point had “won strong support from senior military and intelligence officers for an aggressive policy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” He was supported by then General Vitalis Musungwa Gava Zvinavashe (now late), Perence Shiri, Constantine Chiwenga, then Brigadier General Sibusiso Moyo, (Director General of COSLEG, a Zimbabwe-DRC diamond mining company, now closed ), Air Commodore Mike Karakadzai (Deputy Secretary of COSLEG – who went on to preside over the decay of Zimbabwe’s railway company and now late), Colonel Simpson Sikhulile Nyathi, and Charles Dauramanzi (now late).

“In stripping DRC resources, these military and security men were aided by shady but sleek and controversial business associates of all types,” said the Yamamoto report.