Zwnews Chief Correspondent

MDC- Alliance president, Nelson Chamisa has expressed concern over some bad elements whose acts risk tarnishing the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF)’s well documented good reputation.

In his massage to celebrate the Defence Forces Day, Chamisa said the country’s security forces have become a source of national pride, and raised the Zimbabwean flag high during peace-keeping missions wherever they have been deployed.

Chamisa added that it is however worrying that some politicians have used some units of the security forces to engage in bad acts; Killing civilians for self-aggrandisement and political expedience.

“Sadly, to many Zimbabweans today, ZDF now appears to be an offensive force, due to the mischief of rogue political elements who have tarnished the an army whose majority members are loyal  Zimbabweans who re professional soldiers,” he said.

He pointed out the good work being done by the country’s security forces in defending the country, and in offering help as far as the social amenities that include, building of schools, clinics, bridges, as well as helping civilians in events of natural catastrophes such as floods and accidents.