Former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says Zimbabwe Electoral Commission spokesperson Jasper Mangwana for joining other commissioners in signing what he says to be a ‘bad’ memo.

“Mangwana_jasper he tied himself in knots by joining rogue commissioners to sign a rebellious memo that has turned out to be illiterate hot air; effectively silencing himself as @ZECzim’s spokesperson and unable to speak authoritatively on ZEC’s draft delimitation report,” he says.

Moyo says the report has some grey and misplaced areas.

“There’s lots of understandable but misplaced chatter on “ghost” polling stations re: ward/provincial maps in @ZECzim’s draft delimitation report.

“But polling stations are not relevant to delimitation, as they come into play after the final voters roll for the election!

“The @ZECzim Preliminary Delimitation Report currently before @ParliamentZim is a draft subject to corrections.

“Alas, instead of proffering merited corrections, some folks who ought to know better are busy piling hot air as criticisms, while the 19 Jan deadline is tomorrow!”