United Family International Church (UFIC) founder and leader, Emmanuel Makandiwa, has said he has never bought an expensive car nor built an expensive house in his life.

Makandiwa said this while responding to people on social media platforms who had commented on his latest acquisition, a luxurious BMW 7-Series reportedly worth US$300 000.

Videos of the maroon BMW driving out of his Chishawasha Hills mansion along Enterprise Road sparked debate on social media.

Addressing his followers, Makandiwa said apart from preaching, he has a lot of products that help him make money. He said:

How do I respond to people when someone asks, what do you think of a prophet who buys an expensive car?

If I had to tell you what to say, you are not the right person to defend me. I would rather have that person ask me because I have never in my life bought an expensive car. If it was expensive, I would not have even bought it.

I don’t know what is wrong with people, I have only bought cheap cars, and I have only built cheap houses.

The problem is it is expensive for you. It’s your money that you want to use to buy what I have bought.

So, the term expensive, whose term is that? I am smart enough to know when the product is expensive and I will not buy it because I can’t.

Have I stopped sending my children to school because of a house that I have built? So vara rekuti expensive ririkubva kupi?

Makandiwa urged people to mind their own business and not poke their noses into other people’s business. He said:

Why do you think about people’s money? Some people think that all we do is preach; we are good at preaching.

Mwachewe tikapinda mumabhindauko tinobata basa sebasa. We have a lot of products to sell.

Why? Because money is everywhere there is a problem. Where there is a problem, there is money. Ibva munyaya dzevanhu.

| H-Metro