Sungura musician Paradzai Mesi has quit beer and is now a member of Johane Masowe Chishanu led by Madzibaba Moses apostolic sect.

The press visited the shrine in Highfield popularly known as kumagumtrees on Sunday afternoon and the musician was part of the congregants. The “Tirihuruva” hit-maker said he has learnt a lot and has since decided to give his life to God.

“Since my demise my life has never been the same and I needed God. I made my decision that’s why I am here,” he said.

 He claims to have quit beer and smoking.

“That was a thing of the past and I will not be doing that anymore. God has a purpose in my life,” he said.

Madzibaba Moses will take care of upcoming album’s recording expenses.

“A lot of people have been assisted here and when I came here things are now flowing. Madzibaba has offered to take care of recording expenses for my coming album. I will be a curtain raiser for Alick Macheso in my next shows,” he said.

Darlington Matumba spokesperson of the apostolic sect said it was encouraging to see how people were gaining confidence in the shrine.

“We saw him coming here and after that rough patch he went through, he is ready to give his life to God,” he said.

 Matumba said they were working to rehabilitate him so that he does not turn back into the world.

Mesi, the leader of the once famous Njerama Boys fell from grace forcing him to relocate to Glendale where he stayed in a farm compound.

The musician lost his yesteryear glory and would go around drinking beer and smoking.

A few months back, an arts and business hub called Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub organised a concert that brought him back to the limelight. herald