Grace Mugabe’s ex-husband says ED Mnangagwa is just too dangerous to lead Zimbabwe

……..Supports G40 faction

Just think;
A married EDM has a mistress. One day he walks in on his mistress and a rival boyfriend. He pulls out a pistol and orders the rival boyfriend to jump out of the window of a high rise apartment, knowing if it doesn’t kill him it will paralyze him.

EDM was hoping this guy would die and it would be ruled suicide. EDM wanted the man dead, but he survived, paralyzed. Out of terror the man kept his mouth shut or he would have been finished off.

The paralyzed man would later become friends with a powerful first lady(Grace) in whom he confided the reason he was in a wheelchair. The first lady kept his secret until EDM decided he wants to be president.

You see it in movies, people getting thrown off buildings by Mobsters, Mafia elements and you don’t think a Vice-president would do such a criminally insane thing or that a man who would be so cruel, in a movie, would one day go on to be president!!

It’s unthinkable. Chidhumo and Masendeke become President and Vice-president, Mnangagwa and Chiwenga become President and Vice-president!

Now had it been Morgan Tsvangirai who had done such a thing(to throw a man out of third floor window), would he not be in some khaki shorts, summer and winter, eating food dogs would pass with guards making sure he does not escape prison? We would be reminded everyday how Tsvangirai almost killed a love rival Mafia style.

And of course Mnangagwa would deny it just as he denies everything from Tsholotsho to gukurahundi. “He’s a lawyer ka ” after all. He will say “Ahh, handizvizive” ,looking to the side.

Just Maybe this thing called G40 is saving us from the Zimbabwean Mafia, what else can you call it when a man is forced from a roof top at gun point!

Kodai anga ari kunakirwa na Auxilia, mukadzi wake, ainomuisa mu acid chaimo. Godi would have just disappeared into thin air.

And this is the man ana Mutsvangwa want to be president?

I thought there was some good to him. How fooled I was.

Stanley Goreraza