After he was acquitted of the treason charges he has been facing, opposition MDC Alliance’s Zengeza West MP, Job Sikhala was quick to declare that it is no crime to say Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa must leave the country’s number one political post.
An apparently jubilant Sikhala triumphantly announced on micro-blogging Twitter:
“Acquitted! Not guilty to declare that (Mnangagwa) must go! Zimbabweans, thank you for your support”.
Following Sikhala’s historic acquittal, the MDC implored on the ‘illegitimate’ Mnangagwa administration to also withdraw treason charges being levelled against MP Charlton Hwende and trade unionists Peter Mutasa and Obert Masaraure.
“As the MDC, we now call upon the illegitimate regime to withdraw the numerous allegations of treason and Subverting a Constitutional Government which have been preferred against our leaders such as Secretary General Honourable Charlton Hwende and trade unionists Peter Mutasa and Obert Masaraure as well as numerous civil society and political leaders”, said Innocent Gonese, the party’s Secretary for Justice and Legal Affairs.
Added Gonese:
“Unfortunately the regime has no shame and they will continue flogging a dead horse in the miraculous hope that it will be somehow resucitated. The bottom line is that the persecution of the people and suppression of their rights must come to an end. The reason why the people will continue to protest is that their suffering is now unbearable and they can hardly make ends meet.
After Sikhala was acquitted, jubilant MDC supporters broke into song and dance chanting: ‘Hatidi zvekupihwa order nema sasikamu”.
See video below: