Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo is one of the most updated person he has top drawer information when it comes to issues to do with the Zimbabwean political system, despite him being away and in hiding.

One political commentator Elder Mabhunu, had this to say about Moyo:

“The man is in exile but can tell you on a blow to blow account; what would have transpired be it in ZANU-PF Politburo or even Central Committee with undeniable accuracy.”

He said Moyo has proven to have the capacity to get information or to know any evil plans by the regime or plans by Zimbabwe’s dreaded state security apparatus beforehand and issue warnings where necessary.

He said Moyo once gave an alert to MDC Alliance deputy chairperson Job Sikhala that his phone signals had been picked up by the state agents.

“Sikhala was in hiding at that point, but Moyo despite being miles away had first hand information that the security agents had picked Sikhala’s phone signal and were closing in on him.

“This came to pass, and Sikhala was arrested,” he said.

Mabhunu said at one time, Moyo said an information centre had been established in Harare to spy on citizens’ communication and activities online.

Not only that, recently, Moyo published names and in some instances faces of members of the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) who are said to responsible of abducting, torturing and even murdering perceived critics of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his regime.

Most of his disclosures have not been disputed by the regime, and even when it did, the actual facts on the ground have always proven Moyo to be on point.

Some have put it this way; If you want to know what happened in ZANU PF Central Committee, Politburo yesterday, ask Moyo: You want to know even most top secrets by the regime, its intentions and plans to persecute critics, ask Moyo.

But, for many, the question has been; WHO LEAKS INFORMATION TO MOYO?

Some have been alleging that Moyo could have bugged the regime’s communications lines and gadgets, basing their assumptions on him once have been Minister of Information.

However, speaking during a Magamba TV programme, dubbed The Takedown with Q. Dube, Moyo explained how he get such critical and sometimes sensitivity information from within the regime.

Moyo said the current system is not united, is disjointed, with some of members not happy with the status quo and they share every information with him, so that he can share the information with fellow Zimbabweans.

Moyo said there is divided loyalty in as far as the players in the current system are concerned, and as such they give out information to people they know would it with the generality of Zimbabweans.

“Having had participated in the system and because the current players in the system have divided loyalty, they share the information with people they think would share it with the generality of Zimbabweans.

“Because of that, we managed to get the names and identities of those who abducted and tortured young Tawanda Muchehiwa and we published the names,” he said.

Apparently, Mnangagwa’s regime has on many occasions confessed the presence of pro-G40 elements within systems.

As the party was preparing for its DCC elections, Mnangagwa ordered his lieutenants to flush out the weevils (G40) within party structures.

But after the elections, one of the G40 leaders, Saviour Kasukuwere said the G40 emerged stronger within the party.

Mnangagwa and his team are accusing G40 elements of planning to topple the regime.

Meanwhile, Moyo said most acts of atrocities such as abductions, tortures and murders which have never been resolved in Zimbabwe have been undeniably carried out by the state through the hands of secret agents.