A Mutasa woman has been living in fear for the past decade as she claims that an invisible man invades her bedroom, joining her and her husband in bed.

The woman, only identified as Mrs Muchemwa, claimed that the mysterious man speaks to her and caresses her body.

Her husband, Mr Shingirai Muchemwa, is accusing his in-laws of cursing his wife and being behind the mysterious occurrences.

This has seen Mr Muchemwa dragging his in-laws to Chief Mutasa’s court.

Speaking at the court, Mrs Muchemwa said she only sees the man’s body and not his face.

She said she was traumatised as the man follows her wherever she goes.

As soon as she sees him, she starts bleeding heavily from her private parts.

This has allegedly caused her to lose several pregnancies in the past 10 years of her marriage.

“I do not see this man’s face, but it is traumatising. I disclose everything to my husband because whenever I see this man, my private parts become very hot and painful.

“I started seeing this man when I got married,” she said while weeping uncontrollably.

Her husband had to finish the narrations.

According to Mr Muchemwa, his wife has been having a strange and terrifying ordeal.

She often wakes up to find a man lying next to her in their bed, even in his presence.

Mr Muchemwa said when his wife sees the man in their matrimonial bed, she starts bleeding profusely.

He said they have been married for 10 years, but they do not have a child yet.

Mr Muchemwa said the traditional healers they consulted have told them that Mr Amos Matongo and his wife (his in-laws) were responsible for his wife’s ordeal.

Mr Muchemwa accused his in-laws of being jealous of his marriage and casting a spell on their daughter to prevent her from conceiving.

“I reported this matter to Headman Mukahanana. The headman advised us to consult traditional healers. My in-laws initially said they wanted time to raise money for the consultations. However, they later shifted goalposts and said they were neither interested in consulting any traditional healers nor prophets as they did not care. That is why I approached this court,” he said.

“My mother-in-law was cursed by her mother. She was not supposed to get married but when she did, I am told they shifted the curse to my wife.

“After we got married, my wife became sickly. She would spend most of her time in bed. She told me that she was seeing an unidentified man in our bed whenever we retire to bed.

“She then started having countless miscarriages. For five years this continued happening until I approached my in-laws. At first they refused to assist us.

“They eventually joined us in consulting healers after I dumped their daughter on them and threatened to divorce her. We were all told that she was cursed by her mother’s family, but they have not done anything to assist her up to now,” he said.

Mr Muchemwa said after visiting a prophet together, his in-laws were told that if they wanted to lift the curse from their eldest daughter, they had to shift it to their other daughter.


However, they refused.

In response, Mrs Muchemwa’s father rubbished claims that he is responsible for his daughter’s infertility.

“When my daughter married Muchemwa they had a problem with conceiving. My son-in-law and I visited at least nine traditional healers over the issue and noone pin-pointed me as the source of my daughter’s misfortunes.

“I was shocked when I was labelled a wizard at the headman’s court. My son-in-law has tarnished my image and fellow villagers are now shunning me,” said Mr Matongo.

Chief Mutasa warned Mr Muchemwa against disrespecting his in-laws.

He advised him to allow the Matongos to deal with their family issues alone.

“You cannot point an accusing finger at your in-laws. Yes, you love your wife, but this is a Matongo issue that they should deal with, not you. You should give them their daughter so that they can assist her. You should wait and not act like this. Your in-laws might sue you for this. What you are doing is not right. Do not go around tarnishing your in-laws’ image,” he said.

“On the miscarriages, this could be a medical issue. Maybe you need the doctors’ help,” said Chief Mutasa.

He ordered the couple to consult a gynaecologist before visiting three spiritual healers.

The matter will appear before the court again as soon as they are done with the consultations.

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