President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has warned City of Harare that importing water chemicals should come to an end.

Speaking when he commissioned a fertiliser blending section at ZimPhos yesterday, Mnangagwa said the local authority should take note that the practice of importing water treatment chemicals is soon coming to an end.

“I am informed that we actually have the basis in this country to produce chemicals which treat our water.

“This Govt is going to support wholeheartedly.

“I give warnings to those who are still importing water chemicals from abroad, that line is soon coming to an end…” he said.

Meanwhile, Harare is importing water treatment chemicals from outside Zimbabwe.

In some cases the local authority had to ration water because of shortages of chemicals.

Early this year, Zimbabwe’s capital city of Harare imposed water cuts for at least two days after failing to secure treatment chemicals.

“We didn’t get enough supplies of aluminum sulphate from our suppliers,” Innocent Ruwende, spokesman for Harare City Council, said.

He added that there were also disruptions in terms of deliveries for chlorine gas.