Lardmio Ruvisi, one of the 65 individuals apprehended for illegal foreign currency trading, found himself unable to attend his wedding on Saturday after being remanded in custody pending a bail application today.

Ruvisi, a resident of Warren Park 1, expressed to the National Prosecuting Authority vetting office that his arrest on Independence Day disrupted his plans to secure United States dollars for his wedding preparations.

His arrest occurred during a blitz targeting illegal forex traders in Harare, where Ruvisi was allegedly spotted conducting foreign currency transactions at the corner of Sir Seretse Khama Street and George Silundika Avenue.

According to reports, Ruvisi was approached by a team of detectives and Bianca Masvaure and was requested to transfer Buddie airtime worth ZiG130, equivalent to US$10. However, he allegedly failed to complete the transaction, resulting in his arrest.

Ruvisi, along with the other 64 suspected dealers, will appear in court today for separate charges related to illegal foreign currency trading.