A senior South African medical doctor, Phophi Ramathuba has said she is calculating and will send President Emmerson Mnangagwa medical bills of all Zimbabweans receiving treatment in her country.

In another video trending on social media, Ramathuba, a Member of the Executive (MEC) of health for Limpopo Province, maintained that Zimbabweans have to get medication in Zimbabwe or Zimbabwe should pay for services rendered to them.

She said she would calculate the costs incurred and send president Mnangagwa the bill for him to settle.

Ramathuba recently made news when she appeared in a video lashing out at a Zimbabwean patient who was seeking medical assistance.

She said Zimbabweans are choking SA health system.

Following this event, many called her to resign but she stood her ground.

Apparently, Arundel Hospital, run by Sakunda Holdings which is owned by business mogul, Kuda Tagwirei, had pledged to settle the outstanding bill of a Zimbabwean patient whom Dr Ramathuba had refused to discharge.

Meanwhile, SA President Cyril Ramaphosa defended Ramathuba saying she raised a valid point.