The man who was arrested a few weeks ago in connection with the brutal murder of taxi driver Josiah Rimai at Backpackers Rest lodge in Masvingo has requested that he be tried outside of the city, claiming that it was impossible for him to get a fair hearing in local courts.

Chakanetsa Kambarami made the request when he appeared before magistrate Dambudzo Malunga last week.

He claimed that no lawyer was willing to represent him and that members of the public were victimising his relatives who come to check on him.
Kambarami claimed that his family members were no longer free to attend his trial in Masvingo, making it difficult for them to render him the morale support he said he required.
“My relatives are no longer coming to Masvingo without police protection as they fear getting harassed by the public. It will not be fair for me to stand trial without their support,” said Kambarami.

He said because the case received wide media coverage and that a large group of protesters had tried to storm the police station on 05 June ostensibly to harm him, all the lawyers that had indicated a willingness to defend him in court had hastily retreated.

He also told the court that he will be glad to stand trial in any other place outside of Masvingo.

It is the State’s case that Kambarami murdered Rimai at Backpackers Rest and dumped his body in the bushy area near The Sundowners lodge.