DJ Sithelo Shozi is adamant that no one will stop her from seeking justice after allegedly being abused by Royal AM football player and chairman Andile Mpisane.

Sithelo revealed on her Twitter timeline that her case was heard in court on 31 October 2022. The DJ was responding to a tweep who was curious about the next steps as the serious accusations are public knowledge.

“Today’s the 31st, was your case heard and the protection order granted? @sithelo_shozi” Sithelo then said she would never be paid to remain silent about the allegations.

Her tweet implied that she wants justice as much as the people on social media who started a petition to get her a protection order against Andile Mpisane.

“I was definitely in court this morning. Nobody will EVER pay me off.” Sithelo Shozi and a fan had the following interaction on Twitter.

Tweeps speculated not long ago that Sithelo might be bought to remain silent about the accusations because she was not sharing any updates on the case’s next steps.

Some hinted that her recent shopping could have been necessitated by the money she supposedly received to buy her silence.