Image: ANMG

Brand influencer and social media darling Mihlali Ndamase is certainly not jumping for joy on social media right now.

Ndamase took to Instagram to blast all the brands which she is representing that owes her money.

Social media is abuzz following influencer Mihlali Ndamase taking to Instagram to name and shame some of the big brands that have not paid her money.

Some of these brands which Ndamase is a brand ambassador for, some which she hosted some of their events without any payment as yet.

The outraged Ndamase did not mince her words as she blast across social media brands like Vodacom, Saint Lounge in Cape Town, Malfy Gin South Africa as well as Roth Media.

Ndamase, continued to be spicy in her captioning while giving the brands the piece of her mind.

“A content creator as established as Mihlali having to demand her payments from such big brands just shows how content creators are disrespected,” wrote Bhelekazi.

“I hosted @saintloungercpt in August, I still haven’t received payment, kindly advise when I can expect my money my angels? These are two other brands that owe me mone, should I elaborate,” wrote Mihlali Ndamase.

“@vodacom, as much as I love you I didn’t leave my house and shoot content for free, when are you paying me sana? wrote Mihlali Ndamase.

“Hayike sana onths of not paying me as a brand ambassador @malfyginsa @roth_media” wrote Mihlali Ndamase.

In closing, she said with her whole chast that she is not going to be the bigger person anymore, as she demands her money.

“Bigger person ushonile, I want my money” wrote Mihlali Ndamase.

Tweeps have applauded Ndamase for standing up for her and demanded what rightfully belong to her.

The content creation industry has been dubbed as one that exploit creators by big brands, so for Mihlali Ndamase to stand up, opens up for other content creators to not be intimidated by brands for demanding their money and or compensations.

“Mihlali is dragging big brands for late payments. If they can do that to her, I can’t imagine what they put smaller creators through” wrote Kolour Me Kapes.

“Mihlali’s Instagram right now is revolutionary. There is an unspoken rule to not call out brands. She did. And she is the biggest influencer in SA. Love her work” wrote A Skeptic.

We have learned that @saintloungercpt has since paid Mihlali Ndamase. The starlet took to Instagram to acknowledge the payment and thank them for their swift response.

“Payment received, thank you @saintloungecpt” wrote Mihlali Ndamase