Zimbabwean muso Sha Sha has denied speculation alleging that she is dating and engaged.

The star had fans guessing a few weeks ago when she posted a snap of her hand with a diamond ring on her wedding finger.

In a live post, shared online by Amapiano Daily, the star said she had “fooled” everyone and was not engaged.

“I fooled you guys, hey? I am not engaged,” she said, showing off her hand.

The good news for some is the star is still on the market.

“I am not married. I am not engaged. I am already getting date requests in my DMs. So one of y’all might be lucky. We might just go for dinner or something.”

Speaking to Mac G on Podcast and Chill two years ago, Sha Sha hinted that her hit Tender Love was inspired by a past relationship.

“I usually take some of the energy of my past experiences and put them in my songs,” she said, adding that she could not share who the mystery man was but he was not famous.

Times Live