MDC official Douglas Mwonzora has disputed reports by Jealousy Mawarire that he was General Chiwenga’s guiding light when the later overthrew President Robert Mugabe in a nearly bloodless coup in November 2017.

The military uprising claimed the life of CIO boss Peter Munetsi and left CIO Director Miles Ngulube with life threatening injuries while many opponents of Chiwenge fled into exile while others were kidnapped and tortured by Zimbabwe soldiers.

Mawarire had claimed that Mwonzora and Zanu PF lawyer Paul Mangwana met with Zimbabwe army generals to give them advise on how to legalise the coup.

Said Mwonzora:

” There are bizzare claims by some G40 elements masquerading as friends of the MDC that we gave legal advice to Gen. Chiwenga during the November 2017 coup. These allegations are false and malicious and calculated to tarnish my image and sow seeds of division within the MDC.”

Mwonzora added that all the Members of Parliament from the MDC who participated during the coup had the blessing of the party.

“It is an open secret that the MDC supported Mugabe’s removal. It is a historical fact that the MDC helped organise that historic March in November, 2017. Our Members of Parliament actually played a leading role in Mugabe’s impeachment proceedings. They were working within the mandate of the Party. Contrary to the claims by Jealousy Mawarire I never met General Chiwenga or any of the commanders before, during and after the coup.

“At no time did I set foot in KG6 during that period. At no point did we travel in convoys let alone military convoys. What is true is that after the coup a group of lawyers led by advocates from the Advocates Chambers filed a court application in the High Court to declare the coup legal. The names of those lawyers are there. I am not one of those lawyers! The lie by the G40 kingpin is meant to prepare for something evil. They want to create discontent within the opposition so that they weaken it before they either rejoin Zanu PF or put their own candidate to lead the opposition.”

Mawarire hit back saying the information about Mwonzora’s working with the army was volunteered by Mwonzora in Sandton, South Africa.

“Information that Mwonzora and Mangwana worked together consulting for Chiwenga came from none other than Mwonzora himself. He told me personally in SA in May 2018 at Park Inn Sandton hotel when we had our electoral pact meetings. I don’t think he was too sloshed to forget that.

“Mwonzora might want to come up with funny G40 theories but the fact remains, he consulted for Chiwenga, was given army escort during the coup and this information came from him not a third party. He told me a whole lot of which the legal consultancy is just a bit. I am glad Paul Mangwana also corroborated. If there is anyone that Zanu-PF is working with to destroy the opposition then he should not look any further than himself. He knows what he is doing and no amount of G40ing will hide what he is doing. In fact by dragging G40 into his shenanigans, Mwonzora is doing a good brief for ED who is scared to bits about G40 working with MDC-Alliance. If Mwonzora insists I’m lying about what he told me, I am glad to reproduce our entire discussion with more issues I have kept to myself.”