A 66-Year-Old Matabeleland South Man was fatally assaulted by his married lover’s other lover. The fracas occurred after the now-deceased was caught red-handed leaving the woman’s home at night. Chronicle reports that Lungile Dlamini met his untimely death at the hands of Vincent Luphahla (35) after a love triangle wrangle over their married lover, Ms Concilia Manombe (53).

According to a source that spoke to the publication on condition of anonymity, Luphala, who is Ms Mombe’s employee and lover, attacked the now-deceased after he caught him red-handed leaving Mombe’s house at night.

On Saturday at around 10 PM, Dlamini went to see his lover Ms Manombe who is Luphahla’s employer. Ms Manombe told Dlamini that she was no longer interested in having an affair with him as she was married and community members now knew about their affair.
Dlamini left after about an hour and when he had just gone out of the gate, Luphahla stopped him and accused him of having an affair with Ms Manombe who also happened to be his woman. Ms Manombe who was still in her bedroom heard the two men arguing over the issue. She heard Dlamini pleading with Luphahla not to kill him.

The source added that Ms Manombe’s efforts to intervene were futile since Luphahla also threatened her with death. Ms Manombe fled to a neighbour’s homestead where she sought help.

The source said Ms Manombe together with her neighbour went to Khame Police Base to report the matter and when police attended the scene, they found Dlamini lying on the ground dead and naked.