Corporate Lawyer, Former Deputy Minister of Justice & Legal Affairs, Obert Gutu says it is worrying that some Zimbabweans are ‘celebrating’ the death of their perceived political enemies.

Gutu didn’t mention anyone by name, however posted:

“Political polarization has gone mad! Some people ‘celebrate’ the death of their perceived political foes.

“Some are even openly ‘praying’ for The Most High to take all people on their ‘death wish list’. The Most High is an awesome God. He is driven by love, not hatred.

Meanwhile, one Musa Kasamba responded to Gutu and attracted a backlash from Jonathan Moyo for posting that the exiled former cabinet minister had celebrated the death of Foreign Affairs Minister Sibusiso Moyo.

Musa tweeted:

“So sad and disappointing that @ProfJNMoyo as old as he is & being a Prof should be seen celebrating the death of the late national hero @MinisterSBMoyo.

“We witnessed @edmnangagwa visiting the late Morgan Tsvangirai when he was bed ridden & extended a state assisted funeral afa.”

Kasamba added that Operation Restore Legacy was not about killing anybody, saying that is why non was killed & the likes of @ProfJNMoyo, @DrGGandawa, @PatrickZhuwao, @waltermzembi you name then were allowed free passage.

He said had the military wanted them dead they could not have lasted a second.

Not impressed, Jonathan Moyo hit back, called Kasamba to order and said at no point did he celebrated Sibusiso Moyo’s death.

“Where is the celebration but in your sick mind? Quit the nonsense & mourn him in peace.

“But let’s be clear: you & your lot will not force me to mourn my tormentors who sent special forces armed with AK47s & grenades to attack me, my family & our home with the aim of killing me!”