MUSICIAN Gift “Case” Amuli says his mobile phone has been inundated with calls from people enquiring if he was related to the late fitness enthusiast Moana.

Born Mitchelle Amuli, the, late video vixen died on Sunday alongside businessman and socialite Ginimbi and two other occupants in a horrific car crash.

The Wamatuka hit-maker said his fans have been calling him after rumours had it that he was related to the late Moana.

“Some of us live in small towns where the information does not come to us quickly or is completely distorted when it reaches us.

“As such, some people in Gweru and Zvishavane spread rumours claiming that I was related to this Moana girl owing to the similarities in our surnames.

“A few people in Zimbabwe share that surname and some people started to say it was related to the late Moana.

“Others went to the extent of claiming that she was my daughter and I don’t know why they were spreading those rumours and falsehoods.

“We are not related in any way and I want to set the record straight that Moana is not my daughter.

“On that note, I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to Moana’s family who lost a beautiful daughter who did a lot for the arts industry,” he added.

Meanwhile, the 46-year-old is putting final touches on his eighth album titled Hurongerana due for release before year-end.

It carries six tracks, namely Kamwe, Pasi Pemhino, Shami, Homwe, Woudza Ani, Padiki, Tisekewo and Mwari.

He is considering to, launch it online considering the Covid-19 restriction which does not allow for public gatherings.

Amuli assured fans that the album was of superior quality since he had all the time to perfect it on lockdown when he was free to record. -H Metro