National Patriotic Front leader says he will contest in the 2023 general elections and has already devised campaign strategies to outwit Zanu PF and MDC.

Munyanduri who contested and lost in the 2018 Presidential election said he is preaching his messages wherever there are people gathered.

He said he will also use various social media platforms so that his message can reach far and wide.

‘’I definitely intend to participate in the 2023 general elections as well as field candidates for the 210 Parliamentary seats.

“I am mainly relying on political evangelism or political preaching in buses, banks, passport office queues or wherever people are gathered for example at weddings and funerals to get my message across to the electorate.

‘’Social media marketing for example WhatsApp marketing, email marketing as well as Twitter and Facebook marketing are also being done by my political party in order to outwit traditional parties like Zanu PF and MDC,’’ he said.

Munyanduri who says he is an engineer by profession added that he will soon be embarking on flyer distribution across the country.

‘’I also want to embark on a flyer distribution program, of course, I would be happy to get publicity in the print and electronic mainstream media.

” I am also using workmates, neighbours, and relatives as a springboard for launching my message in Zimbabwe’s population,’’ he said. OpenparlyZw