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Zimbabwe Republic Police in Hwange arrested Bokisi Augustine (33) at St Mary’s Village for illegally possessing an elephant tusk weighing 11.79 kgs and valued at US$2000.

Meanwhile, in another unrelated matter, police in Masvingo are investigating circumstances surrounding a robbery case which occurred on 21/09/21 at Madamombe Business Centre, Chivi.

Two suspects robbed three shop attendants a total of US$1000 and ZAR 1000 cash as well as cellphones at Jaka, Asani and Mhonde shops.

In yet another case, police in Chikato are investigating three robbery cases which occurred on 20/09/21 and 21/09/21 at Victoria Ranch and Runyararo West, Masvingo.

Seven suspects robbed three complainants a total of US$3715 and cellphones on three different occasions.