Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says President Emmerson Mnangagwa has sent dreaded Central Intelligence Operatives (CIOs) after 2018 elections agents.

Mnangagwa narrowly defeated arch rival Nelson Chamisa in the 2018 presidential election, and would not want a repeat in 2023.

Chamisa maintains that Mnangagwa stole his victory and has been refusing to recognise Mnangagwa as the President of Zimbabwe.

“Mnangagwa has sent Dr Misheck Sibanda at Office of President and Cabinet to direct Silaigwana & Chigumba at Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to avail asap to ZanuPF & CIO: first; A list of ALL polling & election agents from 2018 election.

“Second; An UPDATED demographic voters roll disaggregated by GENDER & AGE! ZEC is now busy on it,” he says.

Moyo urges the opposition not to deploy the same polling agents who took part in 2018, which could have been compromised by CIOs who have been sent after them.

“Opposition, Anyone who was a polling or election agent in 2018 should be thanked for their service and excused from similar service in 2023.

“The approach to polling agents int 2023 must be blue; so for now, as they ask ZEC for a list of 2018 polling agents, let them see blue,” says Moyo.