MASVINGO – Tamisai Katini (40), a vegetable vendor in Masvingo left tongues wagging when she recently held a mock wedding with six bridesmaids.

The wedding had no bridegroom, it was just the seven women in their wedding gowns.

The wedding party started at Chitima Market, drove through the City and ended at Bhani Business Center where there was merry-making.

Being a single mother and a colorful person, there was a lot of speculation around the Ancient City that Tamisai did not bring out her bridegroom because she probably snatched some other woman’s husband.

Tamisai is no ordinary woman in the city and for that the rumor swirled and got traction. She is the chairperson of Masvingo’s biggest grouping of vendors; the Chitima Fruit and Vegetable Vendors’ Association which has 400 members.

She got threatening messages from a number of women who suspected that she had hooked onto someone’s husband.

However, Tami as she is popularly known called The Mirror and set the record straight.

“The truth of the matter is that this was just a mock wedding in preparation of my 40th birthday party. It was just myself and my six bridesmaids. Many women called and accused me of snatching someone’s hubby. I am not attached to any man, married or unmarried and therefore the speculation was false. Let me assure the public that I did not get married.

“The mock wedding was also to try and inspire single women against undue societal expectations. Societal expectations should not weigh us down,” said Tami. -Masvingo Mirror