How the booing of Grace Mugabe in Bulawayo led to November 2017 coup

After having all the ground work done, Emmerson Mnangagwa needed to trigger his move into motion, he wanted something like a Sarajevo act that could trigger a main event in the history of the country.

He wanted very much to act on his long brooded plan, to succeed the ailing and weak head of state, Robert Mugabe, whom his allies claimed was now under petticoat government both at home and at his then office located at the Munhumutapata building in Harare.

Mnangagwa stirred events that seemingly gave the Mugabes room to build up a case against him; he made sure they would find accusations against him, while at the same time wiping his fingerprints off the crime scene. In that way, he managed to blind the public from his ill intentions.

The public knew him as loyal servant of Mugabe, who had walked with him for decades more than anybody in ZANU PF, both living or departed.

To them (public) all the bad being said about Mnangagwa were Mugabe’s lies only meant to  discredit him and promote his wife (Grace) in his stead. Many believed so, taking the Joice Mujuru’s firing as an example.

Mnangagwa successfully managed to hide his planned disloyalty to Mugabe from public scrutiny.

After all had been done, a plan was devised to irritate or provoke Grace Mugabe at a Presidential Youth Interface Rally in Bulawayo,a  senior war veteran who was expelled by Mugabe from the ruling party, and Mnangagwa ally, Rtd Colonel Tshinga Dube reportedly mobilised the youths  to boo Grace Mugabe in front of the people.

The move angered her to the last degree, in her sight, Team Lacoste had finally crossed the line, it had over bounced, and their leader was going to pay dearly for those sins.

According to the preliminary investigations by the ruling party, it was alleged that the people who booed Grace were from Masvingo and Midlands, Mnanngagwa’s home area. It was also alleged that Lovemore Matuke was deeply involved in the matter.

Paul Mangwana, Ezra Chadzamira both pro-Team Lacoste were also allegedly implicated in the matter.

Grace told her husband who was also present at the rally, probably with tears on her cheek, and Mugabe who couldn’t bear to see her that way made it clear that it was now gloves off, he was going to fire his deputy instantly. To him the embarrassment of his wife was an unforgivable offence. It was also reported that Mugabe was deeply troubled by the incident to the extent of losing appetite and refused to eat.

Following the booing, it was resolved that Mugabe should fire his deputy, Mnangagwa, with Bulawayo and Mashonaland Central provinces leading in the calls.

Kasukuwere’s half-brother, Dickson Mafios who was also the provincial chairperson told an inter-district meeting in Bindura that Mnangagwa should be fired over the Bulawayo disturbances.

All the country’s provinces lead by the youth wing, joined in the chorus that Mnangagwa should be fired immediately. Mugabe reacted as such, and he sacked his long time lieutenant on 6 November 2017, who immediately jumped the country’s border, fearing for his and family’s lives.

Mnangagwa upon his arrival in South Africa posted a statement that he and his family were now on safe ground. He said he was alerted by his friends in the defence forces that his life was in danger, as they were plans to assassinate him, hence the border jumping.

Mnangagwa promised to come back soon, and lead the country, and it came to pass. It all worked according to his plan, Mnangagwa is Zimbabwe’s current President.

Peter Nyoni is a Zimbabwean businessman who travels frequently between Harare and South Africa. He writes in his own capacity.






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