When you search Google with the keywords “buy clothes online,” you’ll see several ads at the top of the page. But when you search “play casino games online,” you won’t see any ads. That’s because Google is restrictive towards the casino industry. Gambling sites have to find other ways of promotion. The most common ones are affiliate marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.

Affiliate Marketing in the Casino Business

Affiliates are websites and blogs that drive traffic towards an online casino. If you read a brand new online casino review and you see a link that leads you to that gambling site, you’re probably looking at affiliate marketing.

This is a fair way to promote online services. The reviewers honestly review a wide range of websites. These websites have to earn money in one way or another. By posting affiliate links, they earn a small amount out of anyone who registers through them.

In most cases, the reviewers are passionate gamblers that use different legit real money online casino and like to share their experience with others.

Social Media Promotion of Gambling Websites

Facebook has strict policies for promoting casino games. Paid ads are allowed only in particular circumstances. Casinos can run ads for real money games only with prior written permission. They must target users above 18 years of age. The target audience must be in jurisdictions for which the casino has a permission has been granted.

Online casinos are allowed to have official profiles on social media. They use them to make offers, and publish news about their games. This is usually the case with sweepstakes (also called social) casinos. But real money casinos are not always present on social media. You may gain more info from a Planet7 OZ review than through social media.

SEO Promotion of Online Casinos

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is still a valid way to get websites on the first page of Google’s results. When you search for an online casino, Google delivers a huge list of websites. You’re most likely to hit the first few links that appear.

Ranking is achieved through search engine optimization. Online casino teams rely on different strategies:

  • Building mobile-friendly websites
  • Using keywords that you would include in your Google search
  • Posting rich content on their blogs
  • Enhancing the speed and overall performance of the website
  • Achieving good reputation through online reviews
  • Getting inbound links through articles and affiliate sites

How Can You Find a Good Virtual Casino?

Checking reviewing services is a good idea. You’ll get recommendations from seasoned gamblers, who already tried the websites.

You can also get informed from social media. If you see an advertisement on Facebook or another social media platform, it means that the casino is available for players from your country.

Don’t forget to check the casino website itself. Read through its content; it’s a good indicator of quality.

Happy gambling!


Frankie Wilde – is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.