Gokwe Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena has made a covid-19 death message suggesting fuel mogul Kuda Tagwirei is on oxygen, fighting for his life in intensive care unity(ICU). People are now asking if he has died.

In the message Wadyajena accuses Tagwirei of conducting a super-spreader party at the new year. It is not clear if recent high profile deaths including that of Government Ministers are actually linked to Tagwirei’s infamous “super spreader” new year event.

Wadyajena posted the message below:

Make no mistake about it, his was a super spreader event where many got infected and tragically some died. MTSRIP Now dude fighting for his life and on oxygen. We have to be more responsible with our lives and the lives of those around us. Wish all a speedy recovery.

Responding to the death message, Tagwrei’s aide and business partner Hon Tino Machakaire reportedly said the death allegations are not true.

“It’s not true, not he is okay” he said.

He added saying, ” no he is ok, he is alright, he is fine.”

Asked about reports of Tagwirei being hospitalised, he said, “aah don’t know what his agenda is, but maybe he is dealing with speculation,”

Tagwirei built a multi million covid-19 hospital in Harare equipped with state of the art oxygen supply systems meant to help top Government officials but it appears the facility has not helped to stop recent deaths of Government Ministers and top Zanu PF officials.

Minister Oppah Muchinguri revealed last week that many Zanu PF bigwigs  have been hit hard by covid-19.

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