Police in Gwanda have arrested a farm security guard who reportedly killed a man who had stolen potatoes from the farm.

The deceased 32-year old Trymore Dambani’s body was found three days later but the legs and hands were missing amid suspicion that wild animals could have devoured them.

Dambani was fatally assaulted by Torevesai Zhou (42) last Wednesday at Drummond Farm and his body was found in a state of decomposition, three days later.

“I can confirm that we recorded a murder case which occurred at Drummond Farm. The now deceased Trymore Dambani was spotted in a field at the farm with his friends at night in the possession of potatoes which they are suspected to have stolen,” said Matabeleland provincial police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Philisani Ndebele.

Zhou reportedly pursued and caught up with Dambani before striking him with an unknown object.

“Dambani’s friends checked on him and upon seeing that he was badly hurt left him in the bush and remained quiet about the incident.

“Three days later Dambani’s family filed a missing person’s report and they launched a search party for him,” said Inspector Ndebele.

state media