Controversial Zimdancehall musician Jah Master said he nearly beat another fan in Gokwe- much in the same manner he beat a Bulawayo fan recently.

Speaking to Zwnews soon after delivering a top drawer performance in the cotton-producing town recently, Jah Master said he avoided performing his kung-fu antics as fans scrambled for his handshake while performing at the official opening of Gokwe Hotel in the sleepy agrarian town.

“People may blame me for what happened in Bulawayo but that’s me- I am just a ghetto yute and it nearly happened here. If you noticed, the fans were scrambling for a handshake and that irks me. Isu tinongorova tichienda,” he said

“I am a ghetto yute and just like everyone else, I do make mistakes”.

On stage, the Hello Mwari singer delivered a top drawer performance and he was ably supported by Kwekwe-based crooner Killamani and various other local based performers. DJ Fydale, MC Shaddy the Mighty and MC Vasco also kept the fans entertained.