AFRO jazz musician Hope Masike has castigated celebrities and artistes for promoting bleaching of the dark skin as she released her visuals for the single Tsubvubone which urges the black child to proudly embrace their skin.

Masike who expects her song to bring a positive change to the youths said the black child should value their nature and beauty.

“My hope is that young girls and boys watching this video grow up to be better than us, valuing every human with respect whatever their complexion. So by God, I hope the song levels things up too.

“There have been many songs about yellow bone, there are so many examples of celebrities who used to be dark before and now they are light-skinned, there are many dehumanizing sayings against dark skin that we throw about carelessly even at our children.


“My hope is that this song neutralises this and gives a fresh, exciting take on what true beauty is,” said Masike.

Masike has revealed that her latest video – Tsubvubone – is receiving a positive response from the fans who have embraced her message.

“There is a lot of love towards the video as many resonate with its message and there had been a lot of songs about yellowbones and very few, if any about the dark-skinned people too.

“My favourite comments so far are from husbands who are who are dedicating Tsubvubone to their dark-skinned wives to affirm how beautiful their other halves are to them,” she said.

The Afro jazz musician says identity is one of the major factors connected to success in arts industry as she pointed out where she got the inspiration to come up with Tsubvubone.

Masike said her song is not enough to enlighten the dark skinned people about their colour, and therefore believes the art industry has a huge role to play.