A Highfield scavenger has been arrested after he reportedly torched more than seven vehicles at Gazaland while he was trying to warm himself.

Chosen Kativhu committed the crime on Tuesday morning at a car park in the area.

It is reported that Chosen was under the influence of drugs when the incident occurred and could not say any word following the incident.

The matter has since been reported at Machipisa police station under IR number 4863373.

A witness Francis Chimhenga said Chosen was trying to warm himself in the morning.

“The man is known for abusing drugs and I can’t deny upsurge of illicit drug use and this has led to an increase in mental health issues.

“Chosen abuses Bronco and other drugs. And he seemed to have been under the influence since he lighted several small fires,” said the source.

Owner of the park, Batsirai Matsika expressed anger over the incident and has since reported the matter to Machipisa Police Station.

“Seven cars have been destroyed of which four of them were for breaking and the others were in good shape.

“Vafana veguka ava vanodzosera munhu kumusha, I am in pain since I recently paid for the other car.

“He was violent following the incident and we tried to extinguish the fire but it was all in vain,” he said.

Efforts to ask questions to Chosen were fruitless as he remained mum and failed to utter a word due to his drunken stupor.