The Harare City Council (HCC) says it is going to review some of its traffic fines following an outcry by residents that some of the penalties were too high.

This was revealed by city Mayor Jacob Mafume during a feedback meeting held in the capital recently.

Mafume however said the US$50 fine charged for various offences will not be reviewed downwards, as it has to be punitive enough to control errant motorists.

He bemoaned rampant disregard of traffic rules and regulations by some drivers saying such actions should not go unpunished.

Mafume says Zimbabweans when driving in other countries they follow the rules and regulations because they are cameras in those countries, but back home they here they drive anyway, anyhow adding that such tendencies should stop.

“In other countries Zimbabweans there drive exemplary, they don’t drink and drive, they don’t talk on the phone while driving because they know there are cameras,” he said.

He called for order on the city’s roads to save lives and property.