A Chisipite Senior School teacher faces legal action for purportedly sharing private images of her married partner on social media.

Beauty Tembeni (29) made a court appearance yesterday, charged with cyberbullying, following a complaint lodged by her lover’s spouse, Lovelyn Zigora.

According to reports, Tembeni allegedly contacted Zigora via phone calls and WhatsApp messages, disclosing her involvement in an extramarital relationship with Zigora’s husband, Tawanda. It’s claimed she even sent video clips of intimate moments with Tawanda, posted within the comments section of the couple’s daughter’s Facebook profile, and shared additional pictures on Instagram.

Last year, Zigora initiated legal action for adultery damages, but Tembeni issued a written apology, promising to terminate the affair—a commitment she allegedly failed to uphold. Instead, she continued harassing Zigora with messages and calls, some occurring as late as 2 am.

Tembeni is scheduled to return to court on March 13 for the commencement of her trial, with Belinda Chimuka serving as the prosecutor.