A GLEN View man stabbed his aunt in a dispute over a deceased estate.

Ingra Moyo told the court yesterday that her nephew, Rodney Chigariro, stabbed her with a knife on the arm during a dispute over her deceased in-laws’ house.

“He waited for me to finish bathing and followed me to my room.

“He was holding a knife, and when I tried to run away, he stabbed me.

“I then called my sister in distress for help and he started shouting that he was going to kill me and beat up my sister,” she said.

In his defence, Rodney told the court that he was cooking when he stabbed her.

“Instead of making this application, she should return to where she came from, her home village or wherever her relatives are.

“I was cooking and she came to provoke me trying to take the knife I was holding and she got cut on the hand.

“I accidently hurt her sister’s eye when we were fighting,” he said.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted the protection order.

“Your relations are becoming toxic.

“If you see that it’s not appropriate for her to be there, seek an eviction order rather than resorting to violence.

“You will end up killing each other.

“You should approach the Master of the High Court to settle the house dispute,” magistrate Mashavira said.

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