Independent presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere’s campaign team chairperson Walter Mzembi says they will never expose their supporters to ZANU PF by mobilizing them into groups as they risk being attacked.

He says rallies will expose supporters to ZANU PF brutality, hence rallies are just a bonus.

“Rallies are an entertainment bonus, tomakisa vanhu, our necessity in this Election has gone viral, mind to mind, heart to heart, Zevezeve! A very significant grassroots mass following is silently canvassing for Passenger 34!

“Our people now see Election Season as tingoringo time, vakamirira $264 million yavo, but this time they are determined to wrestle their power back from families! Slogans are just rituals the real game is on the 23rd. Chimwe chikomba tasa!

“The System has a way of managing opposition leaders but there is a uniform baiting modus operandi of power sharing, get it from me , the System does not share power not even with Zanu PF! You must beat the system itself a master of false intelligence,” he says.

Apparently, Kasukuwere is reportedly gaining massive ground especially in rural areas which happens to be ZANU PF’s strongholds.

A survey by this publication reveals that Kasukuwere is indeed gaining considerable ground.

Kasukuwere already has foot soldiers across the width and breath of Zimbabwe and has shaken places like:

Binga South, Mt Darwin West, Umguza
Tsholotsho South and North, Epworth, Warren Park, Zengeza East, Chitungwiza North and Southerton, to mention only a few.

In Mount Darwin, former President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s key ally Godfrey Tsenengamu is leading the campaigns.

Tsenengamu was very instrumental in the bringing up of Mnangagwa to the throne and went on to regret the move.